Peniche Ocean Watch (POW) unites protagonists from all sectors and backgrounds under one roof and empowers them to pursue innovative solutions related to ocean and societal challenges – be they local, regional, national or global. Through these efforts, we aspire to enable the greater Peniche area to become a hotspot for entrepreneurial activity, a flagship in ocean innovation, and a showcase on circular economy and regional development. 

Our mission is to trigger an entrepreneurial mindset and the development of new opportunities in Peniche and other coastal communities. We believe that digitalization and exponential technologies along with fundamental changes in the way we live and work create emerging new forms of value creation that offer hope for a brighter future that works for all. Collaborative innovation and co-creation are our catalysts for impact.

The objective of POW is to take a holistic and integrated perspective on regional development, digital transformation and ocean initiatives to enable a blue circular economy and sustainable management of marine resources. Our agenda includes cleaning up our oceans, modernizing education and empowering local rejuvenation. Meanwhile, we are constantly looking for original challenges to conquer. 

Based in the Portuguese coastal town of Peniche, a fishing community one hour north of Lisbon, Peniche Ocean Watch has converted two vacant warehouses into vivid communal makerspaces that allow you to create, learn, connect, and grow. Regardless of one’s organizational affiliation you are able to access advice, support and incubation spaces, as well as the ability to create and build innovative and sustainable prototypes in the workshop areas either on your own or in teams.


Collaborative innovation is our catalyst for impact. At 2Rodas entrepreneurs, inventive talents and corporates from different industries design, build and test new solutions together contributing to the blue circular economy. Build up your individual workspace or contribute to our current projects.