Since 2018, we are working with the local community to find a viable circular solution for picking up marine litter.

Below is a sample of our projects currently part of Peniche Ocean Watch.

Turn The Tide

Pedro Costa and Gina Mareen Prasuhn

Born in Peniche in 2018, Turn The Tide is a circular economy project that promotes waste reduction through continuously reusing materials. Beyond environmental education and awareness, one of its main goals is to collect, treat and transform recyclable plastics to avoid having them end up in landfills or, worst, directly in our environment. We want to give these materials the opportunity of becoming something different, start a new life, and be part of new stories.

This is our solution to plastic pollution: giving new value to waste by recycling & re-design, ideas & innovation.

Xereu Surfboards

João André Pereira 

Using a real wood plank is an unparalleled experience that connects us with the roots and the beginning of surfing. No two are alike. The natural beauty of wood provides the uniqueness of each plank. Heavier out of water, but on waves it behaves with lightness and different responsive energy, allows for great maneuverability, and  excellent buoyancy, speed and safe movement. The wood used is of tropical origin and is very light. It comes from renewable sources, that is, for each tree collected another is planted. The method consists of the use of shipbuilding techniques. The boards are all wood, hollow with an internal structure formed by caves that give shape to the board, and have an epoxy coating. Epoxy is seven times stronger than normal resins, not on sun-exposed (UV) changes, and is much less environmentally aggressive than conventional rezines.

Beyond João André’s own taste for working with natural elements, there is a very urgent need to preserve and help our planet. João Andrés works to improve the relationship between surfing and the environment as all surfers are concerned with the environment.  We will innovate, replace and return to our origins.


Wilhelm Myrer

We give plastic waste a value, to keep people from throwing it into nature and to incentivize cleaning up! Our vision is that you can pick up plastic waste anywhere in the world, deliver it at a collection point and immediately receive a reward.


Jorge Costa, Alexandre Bárbaro and Albano Jorge Viana

We are Billabong Go4Surf School. We are surfers, travelers, and dreamers. And we live by one rule – ride on. It’s our mantra, our battle cry, our roll call. We’re always looking to take on a new challenge, a bigger wave, a crazier trick. To us, it’s all about persistence. And we want to help you ride on, whether it’s getting up on your first wave or mastering your technique - we’ve been helping people achieve their surfing goals since the beginning. Our mission is to teach you everything about surfing – from technique to surfing culture. For us, surfing is a lifestyle. It’s about freedom, friendship, and above all – fun. We’re here to make your experience in the water as amazing as possible. So we’ve just got one question: Are you ready to ride on?

Want to learn to surf? You have found the right place! Go4surf School is the best surf school in Peniche because of our passionate attention to detail so your experience matches our high standards every time.


We are a group of volunteers who want to help protect our beaches and the ocean environment by organising monthly Beach CleanUps, providing education and raising awareness about environmental consequences of unsustainable consume (such as Marine Plastic Litter) through art and community work in and around Peniche

We want to create a happy & healthy community with core values of respect, sustainability and environmental conservation. Because WE LOVE THIS PLACE - especially our ocean and beaches!